The marble quarries in Fantiscritti / Carrara

In the Apuan Alps, the famous Carrara marble was formed from limestone sediments about 200 million years ago. The marble quarries in Carrara are world famous. Michelangelo already obtained the raw material for his works in the Carrara area. One of the most famous quarries is Fantiscritti above Carrara. This is accessible to visitors both in caves in the mountain and on the top of the mountain.

Bridge of the former marble railway.

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The journey to the quarries already offers spectacular views.

View of the Fantiscritti quarries.

Inside the mountain, marble is mined in huge underground caves.

In the Fantiscritti underground mine.

Heavy equipment is used in the underground caves of Fantiscritti.

Fantiscritti – underground marble mining.

The underground marble tunnels are accessible to visitors on a guided tour.

Tour of the underground quarries.

The mountain slopes are also peeled off in huge quarries above the earth.

Fantiscritti quarries above ground.

The quarries can also be visited with guided tours in off-road vehicles.

Fantiscritti quarry on the mountain top above Carrara.

The tours go to the top of the mountain.

Fantiscritti – On the summit

The above-ground quarries also have enormous dimensions.

Quarry in Fantiscritti

The huge dimensions of the underground marble caves carved into the rock may become clear from the following panoramic view. In the picture you can see a group of visitors taking part in a tour.


Here is another video of the quarries in Fantiscritti