Hanna Giglings Artwork

About my work

The material stone with its comprehensive meaning for us humans is an excellent metaphor to give inspiration to form.
I don’t depict nature, I’m looking for new free forms.
My central theme is abstract organic forms. The small sculptures give an impression of playful lightness that becomes more and more delicate over time – characterized by flowing lines, sharp tips and round contours.
Simultaneously with the work on the sculptures, sketches and small models are made from modeling clay. The sketches can accompany the work process on the sculpture.
They have their own place in the overall work and clarify their own design language.
In my current work a group work “Organica” is created:
These are installations that are presented in different ways and thus create the possibility of associations.

Hanna Giglings Artwork

On this website you can see an overview of the art of Hanna Gigling.

Marble Sculptures

I create my sculptures work in marble. Carrara is famous of many quarries well-known world wide for its super white marble. This marble has been extensive used in sculpture, design and industry.

Akt Live Drawing From Hanna Gigling

Nude Life Drawing

Life drawing – school of seeing
It is one of the most effective ways to train your perception. It is a process of emotional experience. It is the sharpening of perception through precise observation of the relationships and interaction between body and space.

Organic Sculpture

For the central theme of my marble sculptures, I use organic shapes.

Hanna Gigling Portrait

At work

I sculpt with hand tools as well as with mechanical tools. In summer I work in Italy / Carrara and the rest of the year I work in my studio in Frankfurt.

Hanna Gigling is a member of sculpture network.